Monday, May 18, 2009

"Madam Magdalen" - Working Title

I have decided to tentatively call my film, based on Louise Wooster's life, "Madam Magdalen". It is easier for me to have something to call it, even if it isn't the official name. The book she authored on her own life is titled "The Autobiography of a Magdalen", so it seems appropriate.

I finally went to her grave site today located in Oak Hill Cemetery in Birmingham, Alabama. It was fun to visualize the long line of empty carriages sent by anonymous prominent men in Birmingham that followed her body up to be buried (according to legend).

I ordered two more books today to research prostitution in New Orleans during the time that Louise Wooster would have lived there. As you would think, there is much more written and documented about New Orleans prostitution than there is for anywhere in Alabama. But, I think a lot of the information will be relevant for both locations.

I took some photos today at the cemetery here. I also plan to post anything "Madam Magdalen" related to this Flickr site.

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