Thursday, May 21, 2009

1st Feature Film - Brave or Crazy?

I have had a lot going through my brain today. Been feeling very excited about "Madam Magdalen" and everything it will entail.

Here are just a few samplings of the thoughts racing through my head:

I need to make a website for and figure out a name for my production company. No, wait... first I need to write the script. How can I incorporate social media into the marketing... is it something that I will do on the front end, or throughout? My blog, is it good enough? Am I writing interesting things that people will want to read? Wait, Jennifer, you need to write the script. Script first. How am I going to raise the money? How much do I need to raise? Who will be the producer? JENNIFER, JUST WRITE THE DAMN SCRIPT!!

And so it continues. To ease my marketing inclined mind though, I am going to do a detailed schedule with everything that needs to be done just for piece of mind that it will all get done, and in the right order.

It all boils down to discipline. And I have a lot of it.

Honestly, I think I can stick to the original broad schedule that I have laid out for "MadWoman" in a previous blog entry. I am going to buckle down this weekend and really get some things on paper. My goal is still to have a solid first draft by the end of June.

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  1. Keep writing! Whatever comes - go for it! I love reading your blog, it makes me happy! Love you, Rebecca