Friday, April 17, 2009

MW2009 Writing Exercise

Today we had a writing exercise as a part of a social media talk giving at the MW2009. We had to listen to another person's life story, then write it on a postcard under a time limit. Here is what my partner wrote about me:

The life of Jennifer - an artistic soul born and raised in a small town in Alabama. A small town Catholic surrounded by the emotions and passions of a Baptist community, Jennifer strove to find her artistic identity, eventually making her way to Chicago to study arts and design under a scholarship. Returning to her native Alabama, she began to apply her artistic training in 2 tracks: development/marketing at a children's science center, and the creation of independent films, the most recent of which is called "Piece of Cake". She continues working on these two facets of her artistic career, and begins now to focus on developing scripts, most notably a script based on 18th century woman's experience in an Alabama asylum. Her future looks bright.


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