Sunday, March 29, 2009

Confidence and Doubt

I want nothing more in life than to tell stories through film, and have them be recognized on an national, even international level. I feel confident I can do this. So what holds me back?

I think everyone possesses a little bit of self-sabotage. Most people are afraid to fully succeed. Especially those with the ability to actually do so. Is it because they fear failure? Or they fear the work? Or are they afraid of what will happen next... will succeeding be everything they hoped it would be? Will it finally make them content? What if the answer is no?

I doubt the answer is no. Something I battle with in my own life is being "content". I am never content, and I don't think I have ever experienced what that might feel like. Is that a blessing or a curse?

All I know is that I have BIG goals and dreams. A lot bigger than most people's. And I hope that never goes away.

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