Saturday, February 28, 2009

Piece of Cake

Last night, I watched the first and only film that I have ever written and directed play on a local station here in Birmingham, AL - "Piece of Cake". I hadn't seen it in over a year (despite the fact that I have several copies in my kitchen cabinet), and as the time got closer to view it on public television the more anxious and nervous I got. Insecurities were running rampant... would I be proud? Would I cringe at things that were blatantly wrong? Would I think that Mo Rocca wasted his time by taking such a huge risk on this project? What would other people think who watched it along with me? I knew THIS was the time I could finally be objective about the film.

The time finally came, and I saw the title of my film come across the screen: "Piece of Cake". I took a deep breath, and took a sip of wine. At this point I was still alone in the loft, so it almost seemed like a spiritual moment. I teared up at all effort and emotions that got me to this exact moment in time.

As the movie played, I was genuinely shocked at how great it was. I laughed at my own jokes, and thought from time to time, "that was a great line!". I was amazed at all of the actor's performances. I was amazed at all of the effort that SO MANY people put forth to get a project like that done. I was amazed at myself for keeping my dream alive until completion. I finally could see "Piece of Cake" for what it was: a rare and extraordinary event that a lot of people will remember forever.

"Piece of Cake" did not do well with independent festivals (with a big exception for the Sidewalk Film Festival). This could be for many reasons. I think it is mostly because of the type of movie it is, a romantic comedy. Also, with a 16 minute run time it isn't exactly ideal for the short film market. As a matter of fact, it is film festival suicide. Ultimately, POC was a labor of love and those who weren't involved will never understand what it took to get it done. They will also never love it as much as we did.

I had to take a serious break after making POC, and I am glad that I did. It would have been too easy to be impulsive and jump right back in. Over the past 2 years since POC was completed, I have been able to step back and reevaluate my purpose in the creative arts. Also, I have been able to pay off the money it took to make POC. It is officially over, and a part of my past.

As for the future, I would love to make another film. But it has to be the right one. Stay tuned.

Visit this link to view media coverage and photos from POC:


  1. That surprises me that POC didn't score well at other film fests. It seems like the right pic for the circuit. What gives?

  2. I still say POC is one of the best-produced first films ever made. And darn fun to watch.

  3. i remain delighted that you created POC! such an accomplishment, even more so for your first-ever. after the anxiety subsided, it must have been fun to see it on TV.

  4. We had so much fun on POC! Thanks for having the motivation to do this Jen! I'll remember it for the rest of my life especially since you guys are soon to be family! I can easily say that POC was a pivotal time in my life and I had a blast every day! Oh and Rome, Georgia LOVED it!

  5. Loved P.O.C. Tight and funny. Cute without being saccharin.

    The girl playing the mother was by far and away the best. Beautiful with impeccable timing, great facial gestures.

    Keep making these class movies.